Our History

ABOY’S RESTAURANT started in February 1992 as a small eatery near Burgos Public Market in Bacolod city. Aboy’s Restaurant initially catered to the offices surrounding the area and representatives of pharmaceutical companies based in the city. Serving mainly regular household recipes and grilled seafood, the restaurant slowly increased its clientele as news of its quality food and reasonable pricing spread among the residents of the city. Soon transient visitors of the city were dropping by try the fine cooking that is becoming popular among Bacolod residents. In less than a year, they had to expand the original structure of the restaurant to accommodate more clients. People were literally lining up to have their turn during lunch hours. They later opened their evening operations and added more staff to sit more people.

After four years, they moved to a bigger and better location near the Goldenfield Commercial Complex where the Casino and hotels are located. Now with a total of more than 250 seating capacity, Aboy’s continues to attract not only the local residents of Bacolod but the visitors of the Province as well. Some even say that they are already synonymous to Bacolod and that you have not been to Bacolod if you have not eaten at Aboy’s.

Today Aboy’s continues to strive to bring the fine cooking it has been known for and introduce new menu to cater to their growing clientele. Although it has seen the rise in the number of eateries in similar concept a theirs, coupled with the influx of fastfood chains in the city, it has managed to retain a decent number of clients and still are attracting new ones.

Aboy’s would like to share the growing success of their business through nationwide franchising.